Paintless Dent Repair

         Paintless Dent Repair:   Paintless Dent Repair, PDR, replaces the need to take an automobile to
                                                        a body shop. PDR repairs small dents, door dings and hail damage. 
                                                   PDR repairs can be performed for much less than the cost of a body shop,
                                                        in a timely manner and, in most cases, conveniently at the customer's home
                                                        or office.

                             For example, below are some pictures of above average dents that we recently repaired.

                                   The dented rear door:                                            The repaired rear door:

                             The dented quarter panel:                                       The repaired quarter panel:


                             These dents aren't door dings and were priced accordingly.  The dents pictured here
                             demonstrate our ability to be able to handle more challenging dents.  

                             Our non-invasive method keeps the factory paint warranty intact. 

                             Remember, PDR saves you money.  Standard repairs are typically less than most insurance
                             deductibles.  No insurance claim means no worries about increased premiums. 


Sprayless Scratch Repair

                          Sprayless Scratch Repair, also known as SSR, is the premiere chip and scratch repair
                          system in the world!

                          SSR is a cosmetic repair that provides a permanent solution to damaged paint on any vehicle.
                          Scratches, scuffs and chips become virtually undetectable. This is achieved at a fraction of the
                          cost associated with conventional body shops.

                          The majority of scratches are reduced by up to 90% and are only visible by extremely close
                          inspection. SSR is capable of repairing 80% of all scratches that may appear on your vehicle.

                          SSR repairs are guaranteed not to wash off, even with a power washer.

                           Scratch before repair:
                                                               Scratch after repair:


                                            SSR is a patented repair process and Mobile Auto Doctors is the only cosmetic auto repair
                          company in Hampton Roads with the rights to use it.

Plastic Trim Restoration

          Plastic Trim Restoration:     is a process by which we apply a non silicone based product
                                                      that restores the luster of the plastic.   It restores door handles,
                                                      mirrors, fenders, bumpers, rails and the notorious 'cowl' (this is
                                                      the plastic trim piece that is just under the windshield wipers).

                        Fender before the repair:                                             Fender after the repair:


                                                                                                     As you can see, the difference is remarkable.

Alloy Rim Repair

                      Our Alloy Rim Repair and restoration process provides the solution you are looking for when it
                      comes to repairing your rims from curb scrapes, abrasions, chips, scratches and pot holes.

                      We will professionally restore your painted alloy rims using the latest state-of-the-art technology.
                      We use a technique that's widely used in the industry on high end vehicles, such as BMW, Audi,
                      Jaguar, Lexus, Infiniti and many more.

                      Our service makes Alloy Rim Repair convenient and very cost effective.  We service body shops,
                      dealers, car rental agencies and private car owners. Our service is available by appointment.

                      By choosing Mobile Auto Doctors,  you get the highest quality of repair possible knowing that we
                      use only the finest products available. This combination assures you 100% satisfaction when the
                      job is done. Our experience and commitment to customer service ensures that Mobile Auto Doctors
                      will continue to be the industry leader in Hampton Roads.

                                    Damaged Rims:                                                                         Repaired Rims:





     Headlight Restoration

                        Automotive manufacturers have all gone with plastic or lexan (a type of plastic) lenses. Lexan is
                        harder and lasts a little longer, but the problem with any plastic part that is exposed to the
                        elements like the hot sun, is that they wear fairly quickly. The average useful lifespan of a plastic
                        headlight lens is only 3 years. After that they become cloudy and yellow as a haze builds up on
                        the outer layers. This haze makes it so that light emission and brilliance is greatly affected and
                        night time driving safety is at great risk. Another factor is acid rain damage, which will show a
                        marked division between the upper and lower layers.

                        Acid rain etches the plastic and as it evaporates it becomes more caustic and usually etches the
                        bottom half of the lens. Mobile Auto Doctors headlight resurfacing process will remove acid rain
                        etching, pitting and deep scratches from road debris and harsh weathering as well as removing
                        the cloudy yellow look of the headlight.

            Hazed headlight:                                                     Restored headlight: